The meaning of Dan Tian in Qi Gong

                                                                               Feng Mei          02/12/11

What is Dan Tian in Qi Gong? Dan means energy center, Tian means field, Dan Tian means energy field center.

In Qi Gong we have upper Dan Tian, middle Dan Tian and lower Dan Tain. Upper Dan Tian is in Yin Tang location, it is also called spirit center, middle Dan Tian is in Ren 17 location, it is also called Qi center, lower Dan Tian is in Ren 4 location, it is also called essent center. Spirite center is people's mind power center, Qi center is human being after birth energy center, Essent center is human being pre-birth energy center.

How to practise the Dan Tian in Qi Gong? ancient chinese people believe use mind focus on the Dan Tian location can build up more even unlimit energy, that means human's mind has power to add into Dan Tian. For my opinion, Dan Tian is combined mind power and Qi and Essent energy with yin yang harmony energy, the feeling of Dan Tian is warm and very comfortable happiness. When Dan Tian energy has been create big enough, it will has power, this kind of power can use in healing or martial arts fighting. it can move in the meridians of human being and cure the disease or defense the outside attack.