Internal Qi Gong “Ba Duan Jin” is good for chronic pharynx and stomach inflammation treatment

                                                                                       by Feng Mei 11/21/2008
Chronic pharynx inflammation is a regular illness, most of them is come from fast inflammation. And, long time stimulate by drunk, dust, long time mouth breath, anemia, infect on upper breath system also has important relationship.
Chronic pharynx inflammation’s clinic significant is dry throat, little pain, uncomfortable, also have something feeling on the throat, itchy, etc., because of increase secretion and become sticky, so when sleep time, secretion will stick on back wall of throat, when morning time, the dry throat will cause stimulate cough, even vomit. Because of uncomfortable throat, so patient has to cough or drink water before talking. Regularly there is not clear whole body symptom, chronic pharynx inflammation has long time course, symptom hard to cure.
Chronic stomach inflammation is come from inflammation of stomach sticky membrane,
Basic on stomach membrane tissue, they can include three different kind of inflammations: chronic shallow surface stomach inflammation, chronic shrink stomach inflammation and chronic fat stomach inflammation. In TCM chronic stomach inflammation belong to “ Pain in middle of stomach”. Most of them is because unclean food, cold and spicy food, drunk or Seven kinds of emotions. Clinic significant is upper stomach pain, feeling of full food in stomach, hiccup and reduce appetites, etc.
Internal Qigong “Ba Duan Jin” is good for cure chronic stomach and pharynx inflammation. The movement “Kou Chi”(knock teeth), “Jiao Hai”( tongue stir mouth water) and “Shu Jing”( mouth water swallow) can increase upper breath system resist power, Clean secretion, kill the germ at mouth and throat. And internal qigong “Ba Duan Jin” can cure depression and bad emotions. Protect the brain and control self emotion. Adjust stomach nerve system function. The movement “Shen Hu Xi”(deep breath) can increase the movement of diaphragm muscle, so self massage stomach internal organs, change stomach function to better way and cure stomach illness.

                                         Internal Qi Gong Ba Duan Jin

1. Begin: close eyes hold fists sit down be quiet.

2. Teeth knock 36 times, hold back of head with both hands and deep breath 9 times.

3. Knock back of head with index fingers 24 times, then hold fists down on knees.

4. Turn neck left and right slowly 24 times.

5. Stir mouth by tongue 3 times, shake mouth 36 times, swallow down the fluid 3 times.

6. Holding a deep breath and use hands rub lower back up and down 26 times then hold fist on the knees.

7. Then exhale the deep breath meditation the Qi like fire on "Dan Tian" ( Ren 4 ).

8. Shoulder(s) circle move 36 times.

9. Straight legs and straight arms push the sky 9 times.

10. Then use hands touch feet and lower head should straight knees.

11. Repeat the 5th-10th steps two more times.

12. Meditation Qi circle on body Du and Ren meridians 3 times.

13, Meditation on Ren 4 a while.

14. End: open eyes and relax whole body, wake up.