In the new 5E relationship, Liver is wood, Heart is fire, Spleen is earth and Lung is metal no problem. Pericardium is water, in Chinese Pericardium is Xiang Huo(相火) which means "with fire", "with fire" is not fire, it could be heart yin energy's location, so, Pericardium is water. Kidney yang (life gate) is fire, kidney yin is water, kidney is the organ which inhale air, so kidney has the same breathing function of lung which means kidney is metal also, so kidney is water, fire and metal mixed organ. Sanjiao (Triple burn) the water channel for communicate the heart and kidney, hence, Sanjiao is mixed water & fire.

We know the new 5E relationship of internal organs is very important for acupuncture treatment. In acupuncture, we will have more ways to do the treatments. For example, if lung illness patient, we also should needling the kidney channel points. Heart illness patient, we should needling the Pc, Sanjiao and Kidney meridians points too. For heart and kidney not connect cause insomnia patient, we must needling Sanjiao(triple burn) channel points, for example Sj17 can treat insomnia patient, Sp6+Sj8 can harmony the body yin yang conditions very good for heart yang energy connect to kidney yin energy be balance. For man's infertility patient is because of kidney yang deficiency or ming men fire weak, some times is because of kidney yin deficiency or kidney yin yang energy disorder. Hence, we can use Sanjiao(triple burn) to tranfer the heart fire down to Kidney Mingmen to increase Mingmen fire, to lift the man's sex power. Like Sp6+Sj8, Pc6+Gb39, Du14+Ren4, Du4+Ren17, Lv3+Li4, Sj4+Ub22. These points are to balance body yin yang hormone energy endocrine system secrete condition, include sex energy. About the phlegm-fire disorder heart, in TCM, the phlegm is because of spleen deficiency and can not drain water to Sanjiao circle system then build up phlegm, the phlegm will store into lung. The second reason is body heat cook body liquid become phlegm through Sanjiao go to heart or whole body anywhere. So, the new idea come out now, we can directly use Sanjiao water to clean whole body's phlegm down to kidney and transfer to urination bladder out of body. this is different from TCM use strong spleen way to drain the phlegm. Ren9+Kd5+Sj6+Ub64.

Feng Mei L.Ac.   08/17/2012  update: