New Six Meridians Wind Transformation

                                                    By Feng Mei 10/18/2010

Shanghan(Wind Cold):

Taiyang(Ub) > Yangming ( St) > Shaoyang ( Gb) > Jueyin( Lv) > Taiyin ( Sp ) > Shaoyin ( Kd)

Wenbing(Wind heat):

Taiyin(Lu) > Jueyin ( Pc ) > Shaoyin ( Ht ) > Taiyang ( Si ) > Yangming ( Li) > Shaoyang(Sj)

New shang Han wind cold energy six meridians transformation

                                                By  Feng Mei  L.Ac.     08/18/2012

New six meridians wind cold energy transformation

New shang Han wind cold energy six meridians transformation:

Leg TaiYang Ub--->Leg YangMing St---> Leg ShaoYang Gb--->Leg JueYin Lv--->Leg TaiYin Sp--->Leg ShaoYin Kd.

Explain: 1, Shang han TaiYang pattern: wind cold energy is yin energy must attack yang meridian, Back of body easy be ignore by feeling, so first attack is leg TaiYang Ub channels. The wind cold energy from Ub12 attack body, If the wind cold energy from Ub channel go down will go out from feet, the person will self healing well, if go up to Ub1, will connect to leg YangMing St channels, the patient will has syndrome of sinus and cough and water nose sneeze etc, and later the body auto control system hypothalamus will raise up body temperature to fight the wind cold energy, so, the patient will has fever, pulse floating and tight, so, Shang Han Tai Yang pattern is Ma Huang Tang formula's pattern. If the patient sweat out the cold wind energy, but still has fever, pulse floating and soft, it is Gui Zhi Tang formula's pattern.
2, Shang han YangMing pattern:the wind cold energy go on the leg YangMing channels, the patient will go on high fever, the body try to use high fire energy to cover the wind cold energy, if cover success, will be self healing, but, the patient still has syndromes of high fever, to cool down the high fever, if self cool down, is self healing good, if can not self cool down, pulse big tidewaterly with thirsty and body excess heat and big sweating, so Shang Han Yang Ming pattern is Bai Hu Tang formula's pattern, if the wind cold from St25 & Ren12 go into large intestine & stomach Fu cause constipation, mind lost control, pulse deep slow and excess etc.. syndromes, it is Cheng Qi Tang formula's pattern.
3, Shang han ShaoYang pattern: if body heat energy can not defeat the wind cold energy, then body will turn to half heat and half cold condition, and wind cold energy will go to leg ShaoYang channels from head St5, because leg Shaoyang is inside arms and protected by arms, hence, the leg Shaoyang is the last yang meridians been attacked. The patient has the syndromes of heat and cold alternative happen, chest costal region pain, dry throat eyes dizzy, pulse wiry etc. So, Shang Hang Shao Yang pattern is Xiao Chai Hu Tang formula's pattern to neutralize the cold and heat energy.
4, Shang han Jue Yin pattern: if body energy too weak to defeat the wind cold energy, the wind cold energy will become heat energy through the body fever and go on into yin meridians, because Gb meridian connect to Lv meridian at Gb24 to Lv14, and Liver is Gallbladder's wife organ, so, the first easy attack yin meridians is Yueyin Lv channels, the patient will has cold stomach, heart burn, nausea and vomit, pulse thin soft or thin wiry etc. syndromes, so, the Shanghan Jue Yin pattern is Wu Zhu Yu Tang formula's pattern.
5, As we know the liver Qi very easy to attack Spleen organ, and from anatomy the liver is in middle jiao same as Spleen and Stomach, so the second been attacked yin meridian is leg Tai Yin Sp channels, the sick energy from Lv13(Zang point) go into spleen Zang, the syndromes of patient is the stomach pain, limbs cold and stomach heat, sleepy and anxiety, pulse wiry and forcely etc., the Shang han Tai Yin pattern is Si Ni San formula's pattern.
6, As we know the kidney is in lower jiao, so it is the last yin meridian been attacked by the sick energy, the sick energy from Ren4 go into lower abdomen to attack kidney, so the heat sick energy begin fight to disorder the kidney water yin energy and Kidney fire Yang energy, heat and cold fight again, if heat energy more and win the cold energy, will become Shaoyin heat pattern, the syndromes is cough, blood urination, lower abdomen pain, pulse thin rapid etc, so, it is Zhu Ling Tang formula's pattern, and the kidney's husband is urination bladder, so, the sick energy can from Ren3 go into urination bladder Fu, if at the same time patient still has fever, patient also has edema, cough, nausea and vomit, pulse floating etc, so, it is Wu Ling San formula's pattern. If cold energy more and win the heat energy, will become Shaoyin cold pattern, the syndromes are body cold, yang energy deficiency vomit fear cold, tired sleepy, pulse small and thin etc.. So the pattern is Si Ni Tang formula's pattern. 

Western medicine for colds analysis:

1, Common cold, also known as acute upper respiratory tract infections (catarrh), nasal catarrhal symptoms as the main performance, it is acute onset, early, the patient feel dry throat, throat itching or burning sensation, after a few hours, can be sneezing, stuffy nose, watery nasal discharge, 2-3 days after the snot thickens, may be associated with a sore throat, sometimes eustachian tube inflammation so that hearing loss can occur tears, tasters, shortness of breath , hoarseness, and a small amount of cough, and generally no fever and systemic symptoms, or only low fever, malaise, the light chills and headache, examination showed the nasal mucosa congestion, edema, secretions, pharynx light degrees congestive, if no complications, self healing well usually in 5-7 days. If complications: acute sinusitis, otitis media, the trachea - bronchitis. Some patients may have rheumatic fever, glomerulonephritis, myocarditis.

2, Influenza (flu): The incubation period of 1-3 days, often obvious epidemic, it is an acute onset, chills, high fever, headache, dizziness, body aches, fatigue, and other symptoms of poisoning, but also accompanied by sore throat, runny nose, tears, coughing and other symptoms, mild symptoms of the nasopharynx. minority of patients with anorexia, abdominal pain, bloating and diarrhea and other gastrointestinal symptoms.

3, Acute trachea - bronchitis is caused by factors such as biological, physical, chemical irritants or allergens trachea - bronchial mucosa acute inflammation, the onset is acute and mild systemic symptoms, may have fever of 38 Celsius degrees. Self healing need 3-5 days to normal, cough, sputum may be extended to 2-3 weeks to disappear, if delayed, can evolve into chronic bronchitis.

To sum up, we can see, the human body immediately rise up high temperature to resist the wind cold energy, the Taiyang transfer to Yangming most likely, rather than the Taiyang tansfer to Shaoyang gradually lift up body temperature. 

Feng Mei 

L.Ac.  update at 08/27/2012

Wen Bing six zang fu wind heat transformation

WenBing(Wind heat)                         by Feng Mei     L.Ac.  08/27/2012

Taiyin(Lu) > Jueyin ( Pc ) > Shaoyin ( Ht ) > Taiyang ( Si ) > Yangming ( Li) > Shaoyang(Sj)

Explain: 1, Taiyin lung pattern: wind heat energy is yang energy, so, first attack lung yin zang, is Wei Fen pattern, syndrome: body heat, headache, cough, pluse floating rapid etc., is Sang Ju Yin pattern, if tongue tip red also, is Yin Qiao San pattern.
2, Jueyin pericardium pattern: if the wind heat go on deeper will attack pericardium on Ying Fen pattern, syndrome: body fire heat nighttime, limbs cramp, mind out of control, speech out of order,skin red spots, tongue red, pulse thin rapid etc., so, it is Qing Ying Tang pattern.
3, Shaoyin heart pattern: the wind heat energy break the pericardium's defense will go on attack the heart, so, it is (Xie)Blood Fen pattern, syndrome: heart heat, anxiety, thirsty, numb, nose bleeding, vomit blood, bowel blood, skin red rash, tongue deep dark red, pulse thin rapid etc.. It is Xi Jiao Di Huang Tang pattern.
4, Taiyang small intestine pattern: go on Xie(blood) Fen pattern, heart fire will go to small intestine, because heart is the wife of small intestine, syndrome: nose bleeding, dark urination, urinate pain, dry throat, pulse slippery rapid or tidewater rapid, is Ba Zeng San pattern.
5, Yangming large intestine pattern: Qi Fen pattern, the small intestine heat will transfer to large intestine cause constipation, body heat, thirsty, sweaty, pulse big like tidewater. It is Bai Hu Tang pattern.
6, Shaoyang Sanjiao pattern: body heat been cool down, but some heat energy escape to Sanjiao Fu, cause heart and kidney yang hurt yin energy, so make heart & kidney yin deficiency, syndrome: night heat sweaty, morning cool down no sweaty, hungry feeling but body skinny, tongue red, pulse thin rapid. This is Qing Hao Bie Jia Tang pattern.