I Ching Magic Square Explain

                                  By Feng Mei, 11/08/2013

Nine Palace Number(based on equator direction):

                                           earth south

                                  1       2       3

                        4       5       6

                        7       8       9

Nine Palace Number(based on ecliptic direction):

                                                               sky south

                 sunrise SE    4     1     2

                          7     5     3

                          8     9     6  sunset NW 

               sky north

Nine Palace Fly Stars change numbers:

         At each year November(11/1), water star shows on the north sky, it is winter, there is ice on the earth. So, sky(yang) 1st(November) born water, earth(yin) 6th hold it.Which is: 1-->6.

         At each year July(7), fire star shows on the west sky, it is summer, it is very hot weather like fire on the earth. So, earth(yin) 2nd born fire, sky(yang) 7th(July) hold it. Which is: 7-->2.

         At each year March(3), wood star shows on the east sky, it is spring, wood grow on the earth. So,sky(yang) 3rd(March) born wood, earth(yin) 8th hold it. Which is: 3-->8.

        At each year September(9), metal star shows on the south sky, it is Fall, Fall weather like metal cool down and sink down everything on the earth. So,Earth(yin) 4th born metal, sky(yang) 9th(September) hold it. Which is: 9-->4. 

        At each year May(5), earth star shows on the center sky, it is the damp heat weather, five elements all on the center earth location. So, Sky(yang) 5th(May) born earth, earth(yin) 10th hold it. Which is Center 5/10.




                                      Luo Shu


Sky 5 elements list order(five elements kill each other):

16 water element kill 27 fire element kill 49 metal element kill 38 wood element kill 5 earth element kill 16 water element

                                       He Tu


Earth 5 elements list order(based on northern hemisphere location wood on east, fire on south, earth on center, metal on west, water on north):




                    8     3                5                   4    9



So, 38 wood element on east, 27 fire element on south, 0/5 earth element on center, 49 metal element on west, 16 water element on north.

So, 38 wood born 27 fire born 5 earth born 49 metal born 16 water born 38 wood 

So, earth elements born each other, sky elements kill each other.

Additional attachment:

The below is western seven star magic figure map:

Sun -> Moon -> fire star -> water star -> wood star -> metal star -> earth star