My comprehension about pre-heaven Bagua map

                                                    by Feng Mei  10/31/2013

At very beginning is Wuji empty, then born Tai Chi, then born 2 Yi(yin and Yang) and born 4 images and then born 8 guas, this is the pure energy world means God prepare for all creatures live on the earth, we call it pre-heaven Bagua. Why south is heaven(sky)? because the life need sun light energy, the sun heat up at east(sun rise), at highest and hottest on the south sky, cool down at west(sun set). so all creatures on the earth like face south which the sun on the sky direction(only on north half of earth). So south is sky means heaven, this is also means a ancient worship of sun the heaven.

My comprehension about the after heaven Bagua

                                                                   By Feng Mei, 10/31/2013

The preheaven Bagua system is pure energy system, which means yin and yang energy not communicate each other yet, like boy and girl not married yet. The after heaven Bagua system is yin and yang energy communicating condition. So there are 5 elements born in order with sky energy yang go down and earth energy yin go up. All the creatures begin to live on the earth, life and life never end.



Additional  in TCM meridian system


                1yang is Tai Yang meridian;

                2yang is Shao Yang meridian;

                3yang is Yang Ming meridian.


                1yin is Tai Yin meridian;

                2yin is Shao Yin meridian;

                3yin is Jue Yin meridian.

Based on after heaven  Bagua map:

The six meridians transference:

 Yang meridians: 1 > 3 > 2  

 So it is :  Tai Yang > Yang Ming > Shao Yang

 Yin meridians:  1 > 2 > 3

 So it is :  Tai Yin > Shao Yin > Jue Yin