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                                      By master Feng Mei    IMAF 9th degree black belt 

This is called "Wei Jin" means feed power to the fajin person. This is
the basic fajin exercise for beginner to practice. Wei jin is give the
fajin person power to fajin, through long time exercise, the fajin
person will very expert on the straight fajin way and can very easy to
fajin to anyone who do not know how to defense or avoid the fajin
direction. If a very old expert master through many many years practice
of Wei jin, he even can use a finger to move a young guy directly. This
is 4ozs can move 1000lbs. On the end, Tai Chi actually is Time & Space,
time space techniques is very important in Tai Chi.


                                                                                        By FENG MEI 10/01/2009

Tai Chi is ancient Kung Fu, and is also the world’s oldest martial arts. Tai means huge, and Chi means unlimited energy. Tai Chi means the practice of getting huge and unlimited energy.

Tai Chi’s ideology is based on the philosophy and ideology of traditional Chinese Taoism. Tai Chi movements include: quiet/active, empty/power, forward/backward, up/down, fast/slow, etc. It is an illustration of Taoism’s Yin/Yang theory(which means everything in this world is opposite). Tao means the law of heaven (God), which is the rule that all creatures and living things shall abide. Taoism is a traditional Chinese religion. Hence, Tai Chi is not only a kind of martial arts but also a blessing technique. It is a kind of body language and a way that the ancient Chinese people use to communicate with the sky (God), and to worship God and pray for good luck.

Now we know the Tai Chi’ movements are basically Yin/ Yang.
By the Tai Chi map of Yin & Yang, our inference is: if the white side (Yang) means the knowledge world (the material world), the black side (Yin) would mean the unknown world (the spirit world); if the black (Yin) side means tonight, the white (Yang) side would mean tomorrow, and the white point inside the black side or black point inside the white side would be the secret channel connecting the knowledge world (Yang) to the unknown world (Yin). Therefore, if we practice Tai Chi’s spirit, we will know what will happen tomorrow. This means we will FEEL the future (such as by dreaming it), and therefore we can take precaution to protect our safety in the future. This is why Tai Chi is not only a physical exercise but also a practice of the spiritual Martial Arts.

We know Yin & Yang are connected. This means they are turning, changing and circling, therefore, the energy moving in the body according to a schedule. “Zi Wu Liu Zu” is the schedule of the energy point.

“Zi Wu Liu Zhu” is the scientific theory based on the relationship of
human being’s energy and nature’s time space.

Here is “Zi Wu Liu Zhi” (energy point schedule):
子時(Zi shi) 23:00 ----- 1:00 ==》 會陰穴(Ren1)
丑時(Chou shi) 1:00 ----- 3:00 ==》 命門穴(Du4)
寅時(Yin shi) 3:00 ----- 5:00 ==》 筋縮穴(Du8)
卯時(Mao shi) 5:00 ----- 7:00 ==》 至陽穴(Du9)
辰時(Chen shi) 7:00 ----- 9:00 ==》 大椎穴(Du14)
巳時(Si shi) 9:00 ----- 11:00 ==》 啞門穴(Du15)
午時(Wu shi) 11:00 ----- 13:00 ==》 百會穴(Du20)
未時(Wei shi) 13:00 ----- 15:00 ==》 印堂穴(YinTang)
申時(Shen shi) 15:00 ----- 17:00 ==》 天突穴(Ren22)
酉時(You shi) 17:00 ----- 19:00 ==》 膻中穴(Ren17)
戌時(Xu shi) 19:00 ----- 21:00 ==》 鳩尾穴(Ren15)
亥時(Hai shi) 21:00 ----- 23:00 ==》 神闕穴(Ren8)
*(Yin Tang point is a special point located in the middle of eyebrows)

Here is the detail method of how “Zi Wu Liu Zhi” is used in martial arts.
Hit point song:
Human body’s Qi has a schedule;
it moves day and night, and never stops.
If it is hit at any point by time,
The person will die in seven days if without treatment.
Treatment of the hurt point song:
When Zi shi point is hurt the treatment should be Chou shi point,
When Yin shi point is hurt the treatment should be Mao shi point.
Don’t forget the herbal treatment on different points.
The other way is to bleed the eight hui points.

Another treatment to bleed the eight hui points is:
1. 內關穴(PC6 bleed):For chest and internal organ injury.
2. 外關穴(TE5 bleed):For arms and legs injury.
3. 列缺穴(LU7 bleed):For head and neck injury.
4. 後溪穴(SI3bleed):For back injury.
5. 照海穴(KI6 bleed):For chest and stomach injury.
6. 申脈穴(UB62 bleed):For head and back injury.
7. 公孫穴(SP4 bleed):For stomach injury.
8. 足臨泣(GB41 bleed):For lower back and flank injury.

We understand “Zi Wu Liu Zhu” is very powerful in martial arts fighting. But, now human is in the outer time space age. Near distance contact fighting is not enough for the new human generation, and the key to win a fight is to catch the best time space.
“Zi Wu Liu Zhu” gives us a very good and enlightening guidance, that is human being has a biological clock for controlling the body energy field ( Qi field). Anything inside the energy field area, such as its moving speed, power and direction, will be effected or even changed like a chemical action. So that means we can use the energy field to fight by sending the biology energy electric(Qi) into the enemy’s “Zi Wu Liu Zhu” points to disturb his body’s energy field, and to lower his attack speed and power, and to slant his attack direction. And during that time space, we can attack and win the fight by using our biology energy electric (Qi) to build up our own defense energy field. This way, we will never lose a fight. Using time space techniques and energy field skills to fight will be the human being military war's future.
For example, Tai Chi is a kind of slow active movement that can make enemy move into a slower space time and thus help us win the fight.
Most of Tai Chi movements are gentle, slow, and smooth. They don’t look like fighting movements. However, the fact is it can bring the Tai Chi master to another new Time Space level.
We all know that our time space is 24 hours for a day & night. If it is 12 hours a day & night, it will be the fast time space; if it is 48 hours a day & night, it will be slow time space. We’ll temporally divide them into Fast, Slow & Normal Time Space. (These are our universe’s big time space). Inside our body the energy cycle, “Zi Wu Liu Zhu” is our small time space.
Tai Chi movements are slow, smooth, and gentle, and Tai Chi is a kind of slow time space show. It is a very important and useful fighting technique.
Tai Chi is the practice of “internal” and “external” kung fu and martial arts. Internal means the practice Qi field( the body energy field). External means the practice of combat techniques. (Here we will only talk about the internal practice).
When a Tai Chi master reached a high level of Tai Chi skill, he will have a strong Qi field (energy field) around his body, and inside the energy field, any object’s movement, speed, power and direction will be effected by his energy field (this energy field is our body’s Small Time Space). And the master can control his body’s time space freely with his mind to engage in defense or attack. For example:
If the enemy makes his attack into the Tai Chi master’s energy field, the Tai Chi master can use Time Space techniques to lead the enemy into a slow time space, and then change the enemy’s attack direction, power and speed, and use fast time space techniques to defend himself as well as to attack the enemy and win the fight.
To explain it further, the outer limit of the slow time space is the Time Space Stop. In order to beat the enemy 100%, the high level Tai Chi master will use the Time Space Stop technique to stop the enemy’s movement and win during a very dangerous situation. This is the Time Space Technique’s high level show.
We all know on earth, different time zone has different time. This means when space changes, time will also change. Therefore, if time changes, space will also change because time is controlled by the energy field. Hence, I believe this is the basic theory of time space.
To explain it further, because energy can be transferred, so energy field can also be transferred, and time space is controlled by energy field,
Therefore, time space can be transferred also. In order for a Tai Chi master to reach the time space transfer level, he shall do what the ancient kung fu master said, “practice essence to qi, practice qi to spirit and practice spirit to God.”
How to reach the slow time space Tai Chi level?
Ancient Chinese Tai Chi master Zongyue Wang has a Tai Chi
13 formulas song:
Don’t ignore the 13 formulas song.
Pay attention to your waist.
Pay attention when you turn or move your body,
Let Qi goes through your entire body and don’t stop.
Quiet movement inside and movement inside quiet.
Flexibly face the enemy with awesome changes.
Each formula you should concentrate by heart,
So you will win easily.
Concentrate on your waist at all times.
Relax your abdomen and Qi will burn up.
Vertical you hip spine so spirit can go to the brain,
Entire body will feel refreshed when your head is vertical.
Concentrate and meditate with your heart when doing it
Bent or straight, open or close by natural movements.
Beginner student should listen to the master when he speaks.
Kung Fu is no way a success but to practice it yourself.
If you ask what is the right or wrong movement,
Mind & Qi are the most important, and then bone & muscle’s power.
What is the ultimate purpose for the practice of Tai Chi?
Practice Tai Chi for health and long life.
My song is more than one hundred words, and
Every word is very true and important.
If you don’t follow these words,
You will be disappointed and your time in kung fu would be a waste.


About this picture, I think the back is warm water energy, front is fire energy, the back body has 3 strategic passes: Wei lu guan, Jia ji guan and Yu zhen guan, those 3 guan can filter the bad energy out and the pure energy can go on arrive to above Dantian for nourish mind power. There is something to describe here, I think the energy should come out of Du4 (lower back), not hip or under hip, to avoid the waste energy from urination bladder and large intestine:) and lower back is kidney location, kidney is back of lower dantian, which is liquid jing with focus fire, so it can describe as warm water energy go up to above head. when it arrive the above dantian to nourish the spirit power, then the waste energy go on down to front body, to the middle dantian which is heart fire location, become fire energy go down to lower dantian to cook the liquid jiang again, this is why. There is a question unclear, is it still need circle down to under hip? So, I  said, go to restroom before practice is important:)  otherwise the bowel movement energy will go up to head, cause run fire.

About the new micro cosmetic orbit Qi Gong, The warm water energy come out at Du4

 (lower back), go up to head, then make a circle to front of body go down into belly

 button, down to the inside lower stomach to Ren4 place get warm up second times

 and come out at Du4 again go up again. So no need go circle under hip to lift anus up.

 I think the under hip should relax.