Meridian herb

                                                            Feng Mei     04/09/2011

Meridian herb is the herb which can lead the herb formula's energy go into the problem meridian or problem “Zang Fu" and help the treatment. For example: the Tai Yang meridian herb is “Qiang Huo”, Yang Ming meridian herb is “Bai Zhi”, Shao Yang meridian herb is “Chai Hu”, Jue Yin meridian herb is “Wu Zhu Yu”, Tai Yin meridian herb is “Huo Xiang”, Shao Yin meridian herb is “Xi Xin, Du Huo”. For internal organs meridian herb, for example: Heart meridian herb is “Dan Shen”, Liver meridian herb is “Bai Shao”, Spleen meridian herb is “Bai Zhu”, Lung meridian herb is “Jie Geng”, Kidney meridian herb is “Du Huo”. Shang Han Run diagnosis is basic on 6 meridians wind cold diagnosis, so if you find the main problem of the meridian, then you can lock the main herb of the formula, add the other side help herbs will figure out the composition of the formula, this is the right way to make a more correct formula.

In Shan Han Run wind cold 6 meridians diaganosis, the wind cold energy will attack body's 6 merdians step by step, that is Tai Yang > Yang Ming > Shao Yang > Tai Yin > Shao Yn > Yue Yin, for different stage of wind cold attack on the meridians, use different meridian herb to stop the sick energy going on. In TCM herb formula treatment, there are mainly 8 ways for treatment: sweating, vomit, bowelmovement, balance, warm up, cool down, sedate and tonify. We can use any way of them for treatment, but first we should figure out which meridian or internal organ the sick energy in now, then we will decide how to treat the problem.

Front headache: Bai Zhi, Ge Gen;

Back headache: Qiang Huo;

Top headache: Gao Ben, Wu Zhu Yu;

Side headache(Temple): Chai Hu;

Whole head dampness pain: Huo Xiang;

Empty headache: Xi Xin, Du Huo. 

Blood deficiency or stagnation headache: Chuan Xiong, Dang Gui. 


Feng Mei, MS, L.Ac.