New meridians found for Liver

                                                By Feng Mei  04/13/2011

   The Liver meridian first points should be Qi Duan on middle top of toes, the Liver meridian second points should be same as Kd 1, the Liver meridian third points should on back of heels between the Ub60 and Kd3 on the tendon name: "Zheng Jin", then the Liver meridian will go through Sp6 to Lv5 to original Lv meridians going on and end on Du20. Why Lv meridian should go this way? because in TCM acupuncture meridians theory, there is a rule, that is same name meridian on hand and foot should be almost on same position. for example: hand Tai Yin Lung with foot Tai Jin Spleen almost the same meridian line on the finger and toe. hand Shao Yang San Jiao with foot Shao Yang Gallblader almost on the same position line on hand and toe. The original Lv3 should belong to ST meridian. and Lv1 and Lv2 should be extra points.