TCM herb is very safety and effective in treatment

                                                                            Feng Mei 03/26/2011

Diagnosis, Pattern, Formula and Herbs are the TCM treatment important steps, also is Chinese medicine very big special points. Under the correct diagnosis, to find out what pattern it is, then make formula of herbs, this is the Chinese medicine treatment’s safety and effective procedure.

The amount rate of herbs in formula is very important. Different herbs’ using amount in the formula has its sequence. For example: fever, sweating or no sweating with asthma and cough, pulse is floating and rapid, with white or yellow tongue coating, the diagnosis is asthma & cough. Pattern is lung heat stasis. Formula is “Ma Xing Shi Gan Tang”.

The king herb in the formula is Ma Huang use 9g, its taste is pungent and slightly bitter, its nature is warm, its energy go into Lu and Ub channels, its function is help sweating, stop asthma, help urination.

The minister herb in the formula is Shi Gao use 18g, its taste is pungent and sweet, nature is big cold, its energy go into Lu and St channels, it can sedate fire heat, stop anxiety thirsty. Ma Huang use with Shi Gao, can stop asthma and cool down lung heat.

The associate herb in the formula is Xing Ren use 9g, its taste is bitter, its nature are slightly warm and slightly toxic, its energy go into lung and large intestine channels, function is stop cough, peace asthma, moist large intestine and sooth bowel movements. In this formula, Xing Ren can sooth down lung Qi and Ma Huang can sooth up lung Qi, up and down for lung Qi yin yang energy harmony balance, and with Shi Gao cool down the heat.

The envoy herb in this formula is Gan Cao(zhi) use 6g, its taste is sweet, its nature is neutral, its energy go into 12 channels, the function is tonify Qi, stop cough, clear poison of other herbs, stop body pain and harmony the other herbs’ different natures in the formula. In this formula Gan Cao can tonify & harmony the lung Qi, it use with Shi Gao can make more Jing liquid and stop thirsty, also can adjust the body’s cold & warm balance with Qi’s up & down into harmony balance.

To see the whole formula, only use 4 kinds of herbs, but it is very well-organized, function of herbs are very clear in the formula. Herbs’ Yin Yang energy are balanced in the formula.

So the TCM herbal medicine is very effective and safety in treatment. 

                      Meridian herb can help TCM formula treatment

                                                      By Feng Mei   04/10/2011

      Meridian herb is the herb which can lead the herb formula's energy go into the problem meridian or problem “Zang Fu" and help the treatment. For example: the Tai Yang meridian herb is “Qiang Huo”, Yang Ming meridian herb is “Bai Zhi”, Shao Yang meridian herb is “Chai Hu”, Jue Yin meridian herb is “Wu Zhu Yu”, Tai Yin meridian herb is “Huo Xiang”, Shao Yin meridian herb is “Xi Xin”. For internal organs meridian herb, for example: Heart meridian herb is “Dan Shen”, Liver meridian herb is “Bai Shao”, Spleen meridian herb is “Bai Zhu”, Lung meridian herb is “Jie Geng”, Kidney meridian herb is “Du Huo”.