Introduce the most powerful Japanese martial arts attack techniques

                                               By Feng Mei             08/04/2012

Ninjitsu - Nine words sword cut:

chant incantation:

1,Lin; 2, Bin; 3,Dou; 4,Zhe; 5,Jie; 6,Zhen; 7,Lie; 8,Zai; 9,Qian. Ye!

Use sword or sword finger keep distance cut the enemy's body as picture show the grid map to make him suddenly shock and win the fight.

To remove the curse of Nine words sword cut, Just let the shocked person lie down and drink some water or sugar water, rest about after 5 minutes the person will wake up.

Additional Nijatsu attack technique: "star cut".

The "certainty win" magic figure:

Chant incantation:

1,Ban; 2,Wen; 3,Talcu; 4,Kelicu; 5,Argu. Win!

Use sword or sword finger cut the enemy body any parts, make he suddenly shock and lose fight power then win the fight. normaly the warrior never use this kind of technique only on very dangerous situation and must win the fight, all the cuts must finish in less than 1 second.

Comment: the Qi Men Dun Jia is more for self-defense, and Ninjitsu is more for attack. The Qi Men Dun Jia is need time to build up the energy shield, so it is slow, the Ninjitsu is very fast attack technique, most of the warrior must use the time space techniques to build up energy shield to face the attack. 

This is martial arts killing techniques, always with contact fight together, if someone want test it, when he want wait till it make sense or not, he already dead under the sword, so please don't try to test it by yourself, nobody will response of your death.

We are talking about martial arts killing techniques, not a Qi Gong shows, if someone want separate the distant cuts with the contact fight, it will be totally not useful.