Why is Du Channel longer than Ren Channel?
                                         What’s its clinical significance?

                                                     Feng Mei – Student of  Samra University of O.M.    

                                                                                                     Oct. 21, 2008

It is well known that the Du Channel starts from Du1 Point and ends at Du28 Point, covering 28 points in total. The Ren Channel starts from Ren1 Point and ends at Ren24 Point, covering 24 points in total. To see from the little universe cycle map of human body, it is a fact that the Du Channel is longer than the Ren Channel. Du Channel controls the Yang meridians of the whole body, which is the sea of the Yang meridian. Ren Channel controls the Yin meridian of the whole body, which is the sea of the Yin meridian. A problem arises here, Does that mean human body has Yang hyperactivity and Yin deficiency in the first place? In fact, it is natural that Yang has a character of long & thick, and Yin has a character of short & thin, which manifest energetic imbalance on the channel long.
“An excess of Yang and a deficiency of Yin”, is a famous point of view brought up by famous Chinese doctor “Danxi Zhu” of Yuan Dynasty in “Ge Zhi Yu Lun” (Further Discourses on the Properties of Things), which answered question above.
<<Ge Zhi Yu Lun>> An Excess of Yang and A Deficiency of Yin
Humans are created by Heaven Qi and Earth Qi. The Yang Qi of Heaven is Qi, and the Yin Qi of the Earth is blood. Therefore, there’s always an excess of Qi and a deficiency of blood. Heaven and the Earth are the parents of all creatures. Heaven is large and belongs to Yang, which operates away from Earth; Earth is in the center of the heaven and belongs to Yin, which is lifted up by Heaven’s Qi. The Sun is solid, belongs to Yang, and it operates away from the Moon; the Moon wanes and belongs to Yin, which is lighted up by the Sun(1)………

                                Balance of Yin and Yang – a Human Idealism
It is said that the balance of Yin and Yang is fundamental for life’s vitality. People will be healthy and refreshed with balanced Yin and Yang; otherwise, people will get sick, age early and even die without balanced Yin and Yang. The tenet of our view of health care is that it is the balance Yin and Yang that maintains the life (2). The balance here means the functional balance instead of the balance of the scales. But to see from certain point, whatever from scale or function, the absolute balance of Yin and Yang doesn’t exist. 

                                               What is Yin and Yang?
The classical ancient philosophical masterpiece – “YiJing (Yi Ching)” told us that the flow of Yin and Yang is the principle of all creatures’ movements. The Tai Chi diagram is a miniature representative of the philosophy of the flow of Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang emerge from the movement of the sun and the moon in the universe. For example, the Sun is Yang, the Moon is Yin; the Heaven is Yang, the Earth is Yin; the day is Yang, the night is Yin (3). Yang: anything that goes towards the sunlight, goes outward, bright, upward, warm and move constantly belongs to Yang.
Yin: anything turns away from the sunlight, goes inward, dark, downward, cold and is relatively still belongs to Yin. The relationship between Yin and Yang is wane, wax, transformation, mutual rooting, restraint, as well as opposite-united. Extreme Yang will turn into Yin, and extreme Yin will turn into Yang. When Yang goes extreme, Yin will grow; when Yin goes extreme, Yang will grow. Yang is hot, Yin is cold; Yang is moving, Yin is still. The head is Yang, the foot is Yin; the surface of the body is Yang, the viscera is Yin. Fu is Yang, Zang is Yin; Qi is Yang and blood is Yin…

                                   Regarding – the balance of Yin and Yang
The balance of Yin and Yang means the wane and wax between Yin and Yang, as well as the transformation between Yin and Yang will be kept in harmony, neither will be excessive nor deficient. In the humen body life with balanced Yin and Yang means balance between Fu and Zang, Hot and cold, as well as Qi and blood. The chief principle is balanced Yin and Yang; and its essence is the balance between Yang Qi and Yin Essence (essence, blood, saliva and fluid), which is the harmony between various functions of human body and materials. The four characteristics of the balance of Yin and Yang is sufficiency of Qi and blood, full of energy, healthy five-Zang, glowing appearance. The three detailed performances of the balance of Yin and Yang is strong vitality, good physiological function, good mentality.
Regarding – “Yin Ping Yang Mi” (Yin Yang harmony)
The Chinese Medicine states that to have a smooth Yin Qi and solid Yang qi, and to maintain a relative balanced Yin and Yang is the basic condition for people to maintain normal activities.
“Sheng Qi Tong Tian Lun of Su Wen”says: “Yin Ping Yang Mi (Yin and Yang in harmony) makes the vitality well-conserved”, which means that with a smooth Yin Qi and solid Yang Qi, and maintain a relative balanced Yin and Yang, people will have a healthy body and a good spirit. With unclosed fontanel and incomplete channels, a healthy infant is in the stage of Yin Ping Yang Mi (Yin and Yang in harmony). Therefore, I don’t think Yin Ping Yang Mi (Yin and Yang in harmony) is the same as balanced Yin and Yang(4).

                   To see the Du channel and Ren channel from Qigong
In the exercising methods of Qigong, there are a lot of routes and key points of concerned with the flow of “Qi”, they are the channels and points. Channels are crisscross in the human body and connect the whole body into one organic unit. Ren channel and Du channel are frequent-used channels in Qigong and an important method for exercising the Minor Cycle of the Universe(5). Ren channel and Du channel happened to form a Yin-Yang Taiji Diagram (6) from which we can see that people may reach to a status of a nearly balanced Yin and Yang by exercising Qigong. For detailed explanation: when you practice Minor Cycle of the Universe, you should turn the Du Yang energy to the front of body down followed with swallow mouth water to nourishing Yin, and lift the Ren Yin energy up to the back of the body, to get Yin & Yang harmony.

                                       Modern Clinical Significance
Because of usual “excess of Yang or deficiency of Yin”, diseases should be treated by nourishing Yin and reducing pathogenic fire. Because of their high pressure fast-paced, lack of regularity, staying late life style, modern people will be easily hurt in Yin. Deficiency of Yin will cause hyperactivity of Yang, and too much fire, which will reduce the human body’s immunity, and disease resistance, and lead to various diseases, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, nephritis, cancer and so on. The key point of treating “deficiency of Yin and hyperactivity of Yang” in Chinese Medicine is to “nourish Yin”. It is the best fundamental solution to use the method of “nourishing Yin” to increase the Yin fluid in the body.
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Professors: Doris-Owanda Johnson, L.Ac., Fritz Hudnut L.A.c, Joan – Angela Hess L.A.c,

Reenah McGill L.A.c, Art Ji Li L.A.c, Qiwei Zheng L.A.c, Jian Zhang L.A.c.

Grand Master of Qi Gong: Zhongshen Wen.